Monday, March 09, 2015

Underground's Trevor Engelson Joins CI's Get Repped Now!

What is that pleasing fragrance in the air? That, fellow scribes, is the sweet smell of opportunity.

We are pleased as punch to welcome manager Trevor Engelson from Underground to our Get Repped Now! manager panel. The red-hot management company reps such folks as John Singleton and our own former CI analyst Kevin O'Hare, who has moved on to become a successful TV writer/producer with several shows in the works.

Engelson, who covers both features and TV, joins our panelists Jake Wagner, head of lit at Benderspink (who sold Get Repped Now! contestant Brandon Barker's script "Nottingham & Hood" this past fall,) Chris Mills from Magnet Management, and Jeff Belkin from Zero Gravity.

How does Get Repped Now! work? From April 6th to May 3rd 2015, all scripts (features and TV pilots) submitted to Coverage Ink for script coverage are eligible to be advanced to our manager panel. The script must score a "consider" for script (roughly top 5%) of all submissions) to qualify. All considers are guaranteed to be ready by the panel -- Wagner, Engelson and Belkin for features, and Wagner, Mills and Engelson for TV. Those who do not garner the coveted grade of  "consider" for script will receive our standard detailed coverage report. Writers may then elect to polish the script and resubmit before the deadline, if possible, or simply use the notes to plug all the leaks in the script. Either way, it's win-win for everyone.

In fall 2014, Brandon Barker's Robin Hood comedy "Nottingham & Hood" grabbed the eye of Jake Wagner, who signed him and got him into UTA as well. The script then sold to Disney for six figures, launching his career. Mission accomplished.

For more on Get Repped Now! please visit our website. Then get polishing, because we are looking to give these guys something they can sell!

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