Friday, June 15, 2007

Writers on the Storm 2007 Semifinalists

Ladies and gentlemen, Writers on the Storm is please to announce our 2007 Semifinalists. These are the top 50 scripts we received. They are some wicked good scripts and some very, very good writers. If you are on this list, know that you've got the goods. If you're not, know that there were some tough decisions we had to make, with many quarterfinalists only narrowly missing the mark. Many of those are only a draft or a few tweaks away from being Top 50 material.

Now comes the really hard part--cutting this list down to the Top 10, which we will announce on July 6. Again our congratulations, and thanks to everyone who participated.

Alone by Tracey Thomas
Amazing Grace by Scort Burgin & David Robinson
American English by PJ Swinburne
American Game by Jeff McArthur
Back Bay by Will Pepper
Bedlam by Dennis Shutty
Beneath the Realm by Douglas Jackson and C.L. DiGiovanni
Bliss by Douglas Jackson
Canaries by Craig Cambria
Colored Water by Doug Pitman
Dogs of War by Nick Gregory
Emotica by Christopher Fry
ESU: Emergency Service Unit by Rob Samborn
Exit Marlowe by Matthew Scarsbrook
Famous Neighbors by Patrick Baggatta
Fire & Shadows by Laura Francheri
Flashback by Darryl Anka
Grave Consequences by Curt Burdick & Scott Burdick
Gruesome by Terri Zinner
How the Hell Did I Get Here? By Arie Kaplan
Jackson Hole by Don Balch
Jake and Juliet by Wendy J. Gayner & Aimee Pitta
Jawad Jarrar - A Love Story by Veronica Kincaid
Long's Peak by Lyda Phillips
Lowlifes by Brian Buccellato
Mortal Coil by Andrew Steven Harris
Ms. Hall of Fame by Raenell D. Jones
Nine Lives by Thomas W. Hibbard
Origin by John Unger Zussman & Patricia Zussman
Pericles by Stephen Groak & Mark Savage
Rasputin by Laqueta Lewis
Resurrecting Angel by Leslie Flannery
Ritornare by Mark Porro
SBF: Single Black Female by Monique Gramby
Seeping Lines by Karen Lukesh
Sole Pursuit by Jason Siner
Something For Me by Juan Sebastian & Jacome Moreano
Soul Catcher by Liz McDermott
Special by Kermet Merl Key
Sultana by Laqueta Lewis
The Crimson Mafia by Suzye Gardner Marion
The High Cost of Parenting by Michael D. Smith & Tracy Poverstein
The Magic Ring by Henderson Smith & Brett Smith
The Magick of Time by Patricia G. J Joyce
The Man Plan by Donna L. Miller & Stuart Miller
The Sailor's Loves by Marjory Kaptanoglu
Tomorrow by Doris B. Gill
Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas by Lee Tidball
Wanting Mor by Chris Knight
X's and O'Briens by George Krubski

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