Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Elms & Sanders
We couldn't be prouder of Brooks Elms and Glenn Sanders. We knew these guys had the goods when we read their uproarious "Wright Or Wrong," a revisionist comedic take on the Wright Bros. After they won our 2012 Writers on the Storm, we got them into UTA, where they were signed by Emerson Davis. But that was just the beginning.

Things heated up for them pretty quick, and Elms and Sanders were soon meeting with big league movers and shakers. Interestingly, while they continued to develop comedies, it was their sci-fi/action thriller scripts that seemed to get the most play. 

Now they've hit paydirt with their sale of SNOWFALL to Gold Circle Films. The script centers on a group of Chicago residents trapped on the El in a blizzard who discover that the storm is really cover for an alien invasion. Check out the promo reel right here:

FYI, writers and producers will offer make a promo reel or test reel to help buyers visualize the movie. It's a very useful tool when trying to sell a project. So a big round of applause to Brooks and Glenn, two great guys who deserve it. And if anybody tells you contests can't do jack for ya... ahem.