Sunday, May 31, 2015


Hey ho, folks, 

We are STILL digging our way out of the massive outpouring of submissions we received for Get Repped Now! The final scripts submitted by our May 10 final deadline will receive their coverage by mid-June. Yep, we are that far behind. We apologize to everyone for the delays. 

The awesome news, however, is that we have found TEN CONSIDERS (so far.) These impressive screenplays will be submitted to our manager panel as soon as everyone sends along their polishes, likely end of June or early July. We're really excited about this batch of scripts, a really diverse assemblage of awesome material. Hats off to our ten considers to date:

BLUE DEATH by Pamela Kay
FANGED by Joey Ernand
OF HORN AND IVORY by Jason Gruich
PULL NO PUNCHES by Derek Craigie and P.J. Palmer
REEL AMERIKA by Keith Bearden and Joel Haskard
RIFT JUMPERS by Joey Ernand
SECRET AGENT MOM by Beth Szyperski
SKY THIEVES by Joey Ernand
THE BOOK OF REVENGE by David Keith Miller

And to everyone who submitted and is not on this list, let me say that overall, the quality of screenplays submitted this time out was a really high caliber. We had plenty of scripts that were Consider with Reservations and some right on the cusp of Consider. But look, even if you got a pass/pass, all is not doom and gloom. The coverage you received should be an important tool in the improving the script and in so doing your writing chops as well. Writing is work. It often takes many drafts, way more than we'd like, to get it right. The important thing is the effort. As painful as it is, getting in there and ripping it all apart is like writer cardio. We need to do this stuff to build, to get strong, to become champions.And we need to do it a lot. 


And then dominate.

We'll keep you guys posted as things develop. Congrats again to our lucky 10!

--Jim C.

Interview with CI's Jim Cirile on Maximum Z

Thanks, Paul Zeidman, for allowing me to mouth off in this interview. Paul's blog Maximum Z has a regular feature where he interviews story analysts:  "Ask a Straight-Talkin' Script Consultant". He was silly enough to inquire of me, so I left the filters off and let fly. A Nicholl top 15% writer himself, Paul provides an amazing service with his blog. Check it out.