Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Help Put "Malevolent" Over the Top!

First US Animated Horror Movie Approaches Crowdfund Goal

Howdy, fellow scribes and creatives! Jim C. here with a quick heads-up and request. 

MALEVOLENT is Coverage Ink Films' first feature, and it is a doozy. It is the first-ever American animated horror movie. And what a cast -- we're talking: 
  • Morena Baccarin (Deadpool, Gotham, Homeland, Firefly) 
  • Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, Robocop, Agent Carter, Swamp Thing) 
  • Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre II) 
  • AND a certain legendary Starfleet captain. 
DEADPOOL'S Morena Baccarin with Gamemaster.
We're doing a crowdfund for finishing funds on Indiegogo, and our campaign ends midnight Thursday March 17. So we need all hands on deck to help us crush this goal and make a truly amazing and groundbreaking indie movie. We are just under $40K as of this writing -- SO close! Please chip in and help us over the line. 

As many of you know, Coverage Ink is all about writer empowerment and DIY. Since 2002, we've read tens of thousands of scripts, helped a lot of writers get represented and produced and been here as a sounding board when you're frustrated or can't see the path out of the woods. And frankly, we've been in that spot more times than we care to recall. We're all writers over here as well, and we help each other. Let's face it, being a writer isn't easy.

In fact, MALEVOLENT was developed over 20-plus drafts, sending draft after draft to CI readers until we finally got that 'consider.' I'm not proud to admit that we almost threw in the towel somewhere around draft 12, when it just wasn't working. But my co-writer Tanya Klein forged ahead and made a radical change to act 3 -- in other words, cut the entire thing and redid it, getting rid of a plot twist we wanted all along but which no longer felt organic -- and all of a sudden, the bloody thing started playing nice.

That's the beautiful thing about writers helping writers. Oftentimes, we can't see the issues. We get tunnel vision. But others can see what the problem is -- and when it's pointed out, we go, 'of course!'

Your father will see you now.
We've been working on MALEVOLENT for over 3 years now (animated movies are time-consuming as heck) and it is immensely rewarding to see everything coming together -- as well as the support coalescing behind us. We even were retweeted today by Patrick Melton, the writer of SAW IV, V and VI. How cool is that? And an anonymous backer has come forward to offer a $5,000 MATCH if we hit our $45K goal. Awesomeness.

So now is the time, friends! Please help support this gutsy little indie -- and make movie history in the process. Please drop a couple bucks in our collection plate. Plus we have awesome perks for donors, including producer credits for those who wish to beef up their professional resume! BE AWESOME! 


Please contribute. Or Cyrus will be upset.