Friday, December 28, 2012

"Delhi In A Day" Rated 10-Best Indie Movie of 2012

Anjali Patil in "Delhi in a Day"
Filmmaker Prashant Nair has been on a roll. His movie Delhi In A Day has been burning up the international festival circuit and winning awards -- not the least of which is scoring Nair a slot in the prestigious Sundance Lab. Today, Times of India (India's largest newspaper) released their 10 Best Indie Films of 2012 list. We're delighted to note that Delhi in a Day has been included.

Delhi in a Day was developed with Coverage Ink. Nair and CI senior story analyst Billy Fox (who received story credit) worked on the story of a idealistic, well-to-do British traveler (Lee Williams, The Tudors) whose visit throws a monkey wrench into in a nouveau-riche South Delhi home. The film is a breezy, dark comedy of manners set against the background of class struggle in contemporary India. "I'm thrilled that DELHI IN A DAY was recognized by the Times of India as a top-10 independent film," says Fox. "I'm proud to have contributed to the development of the story. But I must add it was great to begin with. But I am psyched we helped Prashant helped knock it out of the park!"

We're very excited to have had a small part in the development of the screenplay and the launching of a major filmmaking talent. Bravo, Prashant! -- Jim C.

Interesting sidebar: Delhi in a Day won the Award of Excellence from IndieFest in 2011. Guess what won it in 2012? Liberator.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We won!

LIBERATOR Director Aaron Pope at Cal Shorts Film Festival 2012
OK, I know this isn't winning an Oscar or anything. But more than anything else, LIBERATOR is a passion project. It's what Aaron Pope and I wanted to bring to the superhero genre -- grit, realism, edge, politics, sly humor -- and we did it for the price of a Prius (a nicely tricked out one, admittedly.) So the fact that we won Best Dramatic Short from Cal Shorts (our second award) means a hell of a lot to me. After 2 decades in Hollywood, this is probably the thing I'm most proud of. 

Stay tuned because we'll be hearing more from Liberator soon...  -- Jim C.

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