Thursday, March 05, 2015

Coverage Ink's Get Repped Now! Returns April 6th

Last year, in the very first Get Repped Now!, we had the pleasure of reviewing several hundred scripts. Five were rated 'consider' for script, and were read by our panel of industry managers. Writer Brandon Barker's Robin Hood comedy "Nottingham & Hood" blew away Benderspink's Jake Wagner. Within a month, Barker had signed with UTA and the script sold to Disney, where it is now fast-tracked for production.

Sweet, huh?

So we're doing it again. From April 6th through May 3rd, all scripts submitted to Coverage Ink for script analysis which score a 'consider' for script will be read by our panel of managers, guaranteed. We're looking for the next Brandon Barker. Have you got the goods?

So whip out that can of Pledge and start polishing those scripts. We want the next big splash to be made by you.

For more about Get Repped Now!, please click here. Good luck, everyone!

--Jim C.

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