Monday, November 10, 2014

GET REPPED NOW! Extended - Must End Midnight 11/16/14



All "considers" read by TWO top Hollywood Lit Managers -- Guaranteed.

Coverage Ink's Get Repped Now! scored big time earlier this year when client Brandon Barker's script "Nottingham & Hood," which scored a "consider/consider" rating, drew the eye of Benderspink Head of Lit Jake Wagner. Wagner signed Barker, who has since signed with UTA and is now a working writer. 

Are you NEXT?

Get Repped Now! is a unique promotion from leading independent screenplay analysis/development service Coverage Ink. You submit your screenplay or pilot for coverage, and you receive back a detailed 10-14-page analysis showing exactly how close to the bull's-eye you are. All scripts are graded Pass, Consider With Reservations, Consider, Strong Consider, or Recommend for both screenplay and writer. 

Top literary managers Jake Wagner, Chris Mills and Jeff Belkin have agreed to read all the scripts that receive a 'consider' for script. Wagner and Mills will read the pilots; and Wagner and Belkin will read the features. It's that simple.

For more info and complete rules, please visit Coverage Ink. And hurry -- Get Repped Now! must end midnight 11/16/14. There will be no further extensions. So if you've got the goods, we want your script. Good luck!


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