Sunday, November 20, 2011

Writers on the Storm winners TBA: DEC 1, 2011

Just a quick update here. I have to push the announcement of the WOTS winners back a week, to Dec 1. The reason is because of a family health crisis that has affected me personally. So the amount of time that I have been able to devote to reading the top ten has been limited. I already have the recommendations from our team, but ultimately it's me who makes the call. So I apologize for the delay and hope everyone understands. However, that big $10K check will still arrive to the winner by year's end, meaning someone's definitely gonna get their merry on.

After that, the development phase begins--several months of rewrites and coaching as we try to bulletproof these scripts before sending them out. 

Regards to all,

Jim C.

Friday, November 04, 2011


Hi all,

We proudly present our 2011 top ten. In alphabetical order:


A Ship Through Fire by John Miller
An American smuggler must outrun a vengeful U-Boat captain in hot pursuit and outwit the mutinous crew of his own cargo ship to rescue a Jewish friend's family.

The Beneath by T.J. Cimfel
After her husband goes missing in a tragic mining accident, a distraught woman joins the rescue crew only to discover a demonic presence hellbent on reaching the surface.

Bring Me Back by Alexis Lane
After tragedy strikes on her graduation day, a sheltered young woman must find a way to escape her grief, even if it means escaping her life.

Dead Walker by Josh Flanagan
In an undead apocalypse, a half-zombie man, gifted with the ability to walk among the ghouls without threat fights to save his daughter and regauin his humanity.

Death Wind by Travis Heermann + Jim Pinto
When a pioneer doctor uncovers a series of bizarre murders near an Indian reservation and army post, he must confront a mysterious tribe of sub-human cannibals to save his small prairie town from the cannibals' dark god, a bloodthirsty sentient tornado.

Getaway, Inc. by Andy Maycock
After his driving skills get him recruited into a criminal organization, a teenager draws the approval of the company's mastermind until he questions the company's schemes and strays off course.

Imprinted by Alison McMahan
14-year-old Vivien has to spend eight years in space alone, except for the minds of three brilliant astronauts imprinted on her brain…and the imprint of a psychopath.Sci-Fi actioner by Alison McMahan, based on short story "Rub-a-Dub" by Daniel Galouye. McMahan has rights to the story.

Male Order Bride by Charles Mitri
When a divorced father of two marries a mail-order bride he quickly discovers that his new "woman" is actually a man, but must pretend to be happily married in order to retain custody of his two kids from his ex-wife.

Marlowe by Louise Ransil
African-American P.I., Sam Marlowe juggles gangsters, movie stars and corrupt politicians while introducing naive author, Raymond Chandler to the realities of detective work in 1930's Los Angeles. Based on a true story.

Wright or Wrong by Glenn Sanders + Brooks Elms
A comedic spin on the Wright Brothers, who fall for the same girl, exploding their sibling rivalry and pitting them against each other in love and flight.


Lulu by Samuel Bernstein
Muffled Screams by David Kaneen
Murdered by Dennis Luu
The Nativity Knockoff by Jason Hellerman
Paige & Hadley's Prom From Hell by Devi Snively & Circus-Szalewski
Private Storage by Jared Kennedy
Shed by Dennis Widmeyer + Kevin Kolsch
Silence by John Edward Flynt

WINNERS will be announced 11/26! Thanks again, everyone!

Writers on the Storm Finalists to be announced 6PM today

And that's all we're going to say about that right now!