Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Industry Experts

2010 promises to be an exciting year for Coverage Ink. We're rolling out a brand-new web site in early February that will decrease the clutter, make navigation much simpler and add new and exciting content. We're going to be rolling out instructional videos throughout the site (all free) and adding plenty of new articles, tips and more.

We're also premiering our new slogan: "The Industry Experts." Yes, we're still by writers, for writers, as the previous slogan indicates. We have not been bought out by any corporate behemoth, LOL. But this new slogan reflects my position as long-time industry columnist for Creative Screenwriting magazine as well as my new role as a writer for Script. I'm honored to be the go-to agents and managers guy for both leading screenwriting publications. After two decades as a WGA screenwriter and almost a decade as the business reporter for Creative Screenwriting, I'd like to think that experience counts for something. Here at CI, we're going to try to bring that in-depth understanding of not only story but also the biz and marketability to all of our script analyses.

Be sure to check out my articles in this month's Creative Screenwriting ("The {Not Especially} Long Haul," about sustaining a writing career) and Script ("Ten Things a Rep Will Never Tell You.") And coming up in February, we begin sending out our Writers on the Storm top ten scripts. It's going to be an exciting next couple months. Hope you guys all hang in there and keep those creative juices flowing. Some folks break in overnight; others, it takes two decades. Tenacity and willingness to learn are the key. May you all kick mighty asswich in 2010.

Jim Cirile
Coverage Ink