Friday, February 27, 2009

WOTS 2008 update

It's been a very exciting past ten days since we started contacting the big industry list about our Writers on the Storm 2008 top ten. The strategy was to contact our close industry connex first and give them a little window, and then roll out to the extended list. So far we've sent the loglines to about 100 companies, with about another 100 still to be contacted (which we're doing over the next week.) So far, 15 companies have requested over 75 scripts!

Best of all, one of our honorable mentions tells us he's already been hip-pocketed by a manager who is taking his script into major agencies! We'll hold off on announcing the project name and writer at this time due to the nature of the hip-pocket situation, but hopefully we'll have more on this soon. Top tenners, we'll be contacting you to let you who who's requested what.

In addition, last year's runner up ALGO POR MI, by Juan Sebastián Jácome, has been optioned! Juan writes in to tell us:
I wanted to let you know about the good news with Algo Por Mi. I just optioned the script to Astrakan Films, so they're looking to produce it. I also wanted to thanks you a lot for all your help in this year and a half. I really appreciate your effort with the script.

How is all there? I am doing well. Also with a couple of other projects. One that we're planning to shoot in Panama in February 2010 (the one that got selected to the Spain Lab)

More to come on all this very soon. Writers on the Storm IV begins 4/27/09!

Jim C.

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