Monday, March 09, 2009

Writers on the Storm Returns for 2009!

Hey, Stormies!

I am very pleased to announce that Writers on the Storm is back for 2009. We launch on 4/27 (that's, uh-oh, not that far off, gulp!) and our projected end date is 7/27. All of the goodness from last year remains--top prize of $10,000 and tons of useful prizes, plus probably the most aggressive development and marketing of the top ten scripts of any contest around!

We're in the thick of marketing the 2008 top ten (yep, I know. What took so long is the development/rewrite process with our top three--just today (March 9) we received a 'final' draft from one of our top 3 to send out!) So far we've had over 80 script requests, and one of our honorable mentions has been hip-pocketed by a manager who is sending the script into the big 3-letter agencies. Yeah!!!! And that's just the first wave. Coverage Ink associate Ruchika is working the phones this week, weeding out the companies that have disappeared in the past year (sadly, quite a few) and building a better, stronger, faster participating company list for this year's contest. That means a second round of marketing and submissions of the 2008 winners coming in the next few weeks!

No details on prizes yet except I can announce that MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE has come on board and is offering free subscriptions to our top 50! Can you believe that? Plenty more to come. So batten down the hatches, because the storm is heading your way!

Love to all,

Portia Jefferson
Writers on the Storm 4 Coordinator

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