Monday, April 07, 2008

Give Your Writing a Swift Kick

Writers on the Storm partner Writers Boot Camp is currently accepting applicants for their Spring/Summer Sessions. We recommend WBC to our clients all the time for one very simple reason: it is the fastest and most effective way to improve your screenwriting craft. Period. Here's a few of the 2007 releases written by WBC grads: BLADES OF GLORY, OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, THE OFFICE, WHO'S YOUR CADDY?, THE STARTER WIFE, GREY'S ANATOMY... Are you getting the picture? We knew that you would.

The next Basic Training Session begins April 24th. In Basic, you try to hammer out a single rough draft, with notes for further development. This is for people who don't want to dive too deeply into the process -- a great start for novices.

The next Think Tank Session begins Thursday, May 1st and it is already filling up. Think Tank is a lifetime professional membership with a one-time cost that begins with 24 months of part-time coursework in which we arm the writer with an initial arsenal of 3 to 5 FULLY DEVELOPED projects and provide ongoing benefits with continuity. In Think Tank, the focus is on Full Development and an empowered rewrite process.

Think Tank (or Professional) Membership has a lot of exclusive benefits, including parties, readings and Speaker Events. Just in the past year we've had Barry Levinson, Nancy Meyers and Paul Haggis speak to our Membership. We have speaker events for our members already scheduled this month, if you enroll for the May 1st session, you can attend those events and get started with immediate preclass creative support.

We find it helpful for writers to revisit these two links on our website. One explains, in detail: the distinctions of Writers Boot Camp, and the other deals with common misconceptions about the screenwriting business that many people have -- including industry professionals.

Sessions are filling up -- don't let another year go by without getting the Tools of Full Development so you can confidently practice the science of screenwriting.

Please contact Robert at 310/998-1199 ext. 310 ( for more details and to discuss eligibility requirements. Check out the WBC website for details on our success stories. You can also submit a Career Survey ( Make sure you mention that you heard about them from Coverage, Ink!

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