Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beyond Structure rolling into town

Hey folks, our pal (and Writers on the Storm contest sponsor) David S. Freeman's amazing seminar hits NYC and Los Angeles soon. If you've never seen this man in action, you're missing out on some goodness that can really up your game. I love this quote from Evan Somers, former staff writer for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "Using something akin to the Vulcan mind meld, David has probed into the minds of Hollywood's master writers and identified all of their techniques. But the even greater feat is how David manages to articulate thee techniques better than the masters themselves. This seminar is a must." We agree! Check out the info below and then check out David's web site for all the details. Did we mentioning he's offering $50 off if you mention Writers on the Storm? Not to be missed!


NEW YORK: APRIL 26-27 / L.A: MAY 3-4

DAVID S. FREEMAN'S "BEYOND STRUCTURE," L.A.'s and N.Y.'s most popular screenwriting and development workshop is back! Get $50 off if you mention "Writers on the Storm," or $100 off if you fly in from out of town or take a train with a ticket cost
of $100. As always, the workshop comes with a full money-back guarantee.

This is the workshop taken both by newcomers and by the writers, directors, producers, and execs behind "Good Will Hunting," "Austin Powers," "Runaway Bride," "E.R." "Sling Blade," "Meet the Fockers," "Everybody Loves Raymond," "E-Ring," and many other major films and series. David's 200 proven techniques will help you create stunning and original characters, dialogue, plots, and scenes.

Read the articles on the website to sample some of these powerful writing techniques. For a free brochure, call toll-free, from outside CA: (866) 239-2600, or inside CA: (310) 394-6556 -- or see the website HERE.

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