Monday, April 18, 2016

Meet the Headshot Truck!

Need headshots? They're mandatory if you act, but having a good headshot is important to almost anyone in the business world, or anyone in any creative facet of the entertainment business (which you may have noticed is, er, somewhat image-oriented.)

Our friend Brian Confer (who is also an associate producer on Coverage Ink's upcoming movie MALEVOLENT) is Sales Director of The Headshot Truck, the mobile headshot/photography studio. You may have seen their distinctive pink truck cruising Los Angeles, and now they're set to expand to NYC and beyond. We caught up with Brian to chat about his mission to rid the world of iPhone selfies and bring killer, affordable headshots to everyone. 

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Brian Confer, The Headshot Truck
Jim Cirile (JC): This is quite a unique venture. Why don’t you tell us what exactly it is and what one can expect from a “Headshot Truck?”

Brian Confer (BC): Thank you! The Headshot Truck is the premier mobile photography studio. We bring our big pink truck to your location and shoot high quality professional photos and headshots for actors and business professionals. We can also turn the truck into an interactive photo booth for special events, parties, name it. We can do anything photo-related on the truck from family and baby photos to product photography. Our expert staff is here to help you every step of the way from makeup, to wardrobe consultation, expert photography, and digital photo delivery.

JC: What is your background, and how did you get involved with the Headshot Truck?

BC: I am the son of an entrepreneur and marketing executive, so the apple didn't fall far from the tree. I have worked in sales and marketing most of my life. I have built sales teams from the ground up for a number of companies. In addition, I am an actor, so the idea of a headshot truck seemed like genius to me. To be honest, I was angry that I didn't think of it first! I was introduced to The Headshot Truck by my friend Adam Hendershott, who is the Creative Director. The business was at a point where it needed a Sales Director to help take their business to the next level, so I was very excited to take on the task.

JC: Why do you think The Headshot Truck has caught on in the way that it has?

BC: The concept itself is very cool. The mobile business industry has been taking off because of the technology age and demand for convenient and cost-effective services. Obviously in Los Angeles we have a lot of headshot photographers, but many of them are very expensive and a client has to come to their studio to get headshots. We bring the studio to you, provide you with a very high-quality product, in a cost effective and convenient manner. Plus, it's really cool to get headshots on the truck! The brand recognition is incredible and people really respond to the big pink truck.

JC: Who can use the headshot truck? It’s not only for actors, right?

BC: That's right! Corporate headshots have become a huge part of our business. Anyone with a LinkedIn profile needs a great headshot to represent their professional brand. Business professionals do not have the time to leave work to come to a photography studio. We do not take up any space in your office. We just bring our truck to you, you climb aboard and in as little as 5 minutes you are right back to work! Plus we understand the importance of a great photo that represents you and your company as a professional. We can create a distinct look for your company and travel to different offices to give a universal look to your company portraits.

JC: What would you say to people, who opine that every iPhone takes great pictures nowadays and someone doesn’t need professional pictures done?

BC: Well, iPhones can take great candid shots, there is no doubt about it. However, many phone photos look like phone photos. If you are representing yourself as a professional, don't you want to take the time and spend the money to really get proper lighting and work with a professional photographer? Your website or LinkedIn profile has to say everything about you in a photo. Social selling has become the norm. You are 14 times more likely to get your profile viewed if you have a photo. People viewing your photo are making a decision whether or not they want to do business with you, so you probably want that photo to do the best possible job of representing you. 

Just a few samples.

JC: What advice would you give people – actors, writers, office workers -- who are currently in the market for professional pictures? What should they look out for when searching for the perfect photographer?

BC: There are a ton of photographers out there with wide range of price points. I would recommend taking a look at the photographer's websites. If they are professional their website will reflect that. Check out what they are offering you. Do you get to keep all the photos? (with us you do,) or is the photographer making selections for you and only giving you a few images? Some photographers make you pay extra for all of the images. Beware of that! A great photographer should be willing to stand behind their work and not nickel and dime you for everything. Also, ask your friends! Referrals are the best way to find a great photographer. Take a look at your friend's LinkedIn pages, social media accounts and ask who shot their photos.

JC: You are currently in the process of expanding your business to other cities. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

BC: We are incredibly excited to launch our second truck in New York this spring. Our Los Angeles truck has been very successful, and we are continuing to grow. We have gotten a ton of requests to have a truck in NYC so here we come! We will also have an Atlanta truck this Fall/Winter and 2-3 more trucks launching every year.

We are setting up regional hubs all around the country. Certainly entertainment-focused cities like LA and NY are getting trucks first, but corporate headshots and events are how we will be able to expand nationally. We want to be able to shoot universal headshots for companies with dozens or hundreds of offices around the country.

JC: How can one find the Headshot Truck?

BC: Go to There you can "Find the Truck", check out our Actor, Corporate, or Event Portfolio and check out our very competitive rates. We are also launching a truck in New York this Spring! Go to to sign up for updates. 



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