Thursday, April 14, 2016

GET REPPED NOW Returning 4/18

Hold on to yer chapeaus, ladies and gents, but Coverage Ink's Get Repped Now! is coming back Monday April 18th, to once again open up the door of access to top Hollywood literary management

When last we left off, two of our consider from our last go-round landed meetings (Joey Hargrove, who met with Micah Klatzker and Ava Jamshidi from Industry Entertainment, and Pete Cafaro, who met with Benderspink Head of Literary Jake Wagner. We're still waiting to see what fruit those meetings will bear -- both Joey and Pete are working on material to go back to take back in to those managers. 

As this is not a contest or competition, the rules are simple: ALL SCRIPTS SUBMITTED TO COVERAGEINK.COM FOR ANALYSIS DURING THE PROMO PERIOD THAT SCORE A 'CONSIDER' OR BETTER FOR SCRIPT WILL BE READ BY OUR MANAGER PANEL. Sure, there are a few other details you can read about at -- such as NO, considers received last year do not count, and yes, you do have to pay again if you resubmit a fresh draft, because then we have to read the script with fresh eyes and do a whole new round of coverage (there is, however, a $10 resubmission discount.)

We'll be announcing our Spring 2016 panel shortly. In the meantime, do get to polishing those spec features and pilots, and then come Monday, get 'em on in to us -- preferably sooner rather than later, folks, as we always get jammed up at the end of Get Repped Now and wind up running weeks behind -- and you do want a chance to fix any problems we find and resubmit before the deadline.

Bring it.

Jim C.


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