Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Writers on the Storm Finalists to be Announced 5/1/13

Just a slight delay, less than a week, so please don't be too angry with us! The truth is we have tough choices to make still. 50 scripts down to 10. Ugh. It never gets any easier. But we will announce our top 10 finalists, TV and features, on May 1.

Is there a Brooks Elms/Glenn Sanders in this year's batch? Brooks and Glenn are last year's winners, who got signed by UTA and their careers are now exploding. They've both landed writing assignments, and they have another project with a major producer attached which I can't say anything more about yet -- except to say holy crap, our boys done good!

So until then, sit tight -- aw heck, don't sit tight. if you made our top 50, you should definitely enter the Nicholl as well, so hurry up and get your script in quick as the deadline is rolling in fast. I seem to recall back in the day entry was free. Ha!, yeah, not anymore. Best of luck and KEEP WRITING.

Jim C.

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