Saturday, April 13, 2013

WOTS Semi-Finalists

Writers on the Storm semifinalists are now posted! also below for your convenience.) By now, everyone should have received your feedback forms. If you haven't, please 1) check your spam filter for anything from writerstorm, then 2) email Julie at and we will resend right away.

BIG Congrats to everyone who made the cut. And to the vast majority who didn't -- we feel your pain. We've all been there. Every one of us have been eliminated from contests, from consideration for jobs, grants, assignments, from so many things. Being a writer means you have to learn to take getting whacked upside the head repeatedly and pretend you're OK with it. 

The only thing I can say is, hey -- yeah, it sucks, BUT... maybe it's only a draft away. Check out the feedback and really study it closely. The stuff that made the reader balk could be fixable relatively easily. It's worth that extra level of scrutiny. It's easy enough to say "These people are idiots" and forget about it. And maybe we are. But if the feedback is even close to the mark, then as students of the biz we should all take it under consideration and at least chew it over. Knowledge is power, and sometimes even iffy notes can make us think of creative solutions or better ways to approach situations in your story. Best of luck to everyone, and to all my fellow writers: I APPLAUD YOU. 

Now comes the hard part: whittling these down to the top ten by the end of April, when they will be posted right here and of course on our facebook page. Yikes.

Much love -- Jim C.



20 Million Rides To Earth by Erik Ratiff 
A Rising Tide by Chris Knight 
All God's Children by Natalie Hanson 
American Supervillains by Andrew Watt 
Arctic Circle by Daniel Ragussis
The Basement by Dawn Marie Guernsey 
The Bond by Kim Putman 
Bullets for Silverware by Jim Antonini 
Cake by Patrick Tobin 
Carn Evil by Jason Siner 
Clouds of Sorrow by Jack Davidson 
Common Ground by Robert Fullerton 
Confiteor by William Shedlick 
The Contestant by Allen Hahn 
Covers by Francis Jay 
Damascus Cover by Daniel Berk 
Dead Dolores by Michael Yagnow 
The Deal by Brian Fox 
Due Process by Shaun Raad 
Equipoise by William Shedlick 
Francis Lange by C.M. Robinson 
Fury by Dane McCauley 
The Galaxy’s Littlest Prince by Joe Borriello
The Guide by Henry Radoff 
Hap by Brian Nicol 
The Heckler by Mike Hanson 
The Idea of Fireflies by Don Balch + Zack Smith 
Illusion by Suzanne Kelman  
La Mujer (The Woman) by Steve Lucas 
The Last Lifeboat by Luke Yankee  
Lawman by Kingston Medland + Kingsley Medland 
Lulu by Samuel Bernstein 
On the Edge (aka Speedville) by Patrick Hunt 
One Bad Day by L.E. Bond 
Orange Dissection by TJ Barkwill
Passing Through by Robert G. Rhyne
Petrology by Colin Mummery
Probable Cause by Shane McCabe
Resilience by Lena Slachmuijlder
The Rim Of The World by Bettina Moss
Rum House by Michael Sieve
Second Earth (aka Divergence) by Victor Grippi
Self-Storage by Glenn McGee
Seven Times Seventy by Laura Lagasse
Silas by Scott Parisien
Sleeping Beauty by Tony Boland
Slippery Things by Lane Baker
The Taloquan Network by Robert Hestand
Theory of Everything by Tim McSmythurs
Wild Bill Rides Again by Jim Antonini
Wormweed by John + Jessica Walker


Borderland by Mark O'Neill + Jonathan Ross
Ditch Plains by Bernard Urban
Freebird - And This Bird You Cannot Change by Simon Kay
Freetown - Pilot by Jeremy Dickens
Lovecraft by Levi Bailey
Messiah Project by David Baugnon
Path by Michael A Wright
The RetroCog by Steve Morris
Shaman by Eric Ian Steele
Sitters by James Papa
Stealing Home by Sebastian Arboleda
Strategic Services
Teen Spirit by Jacob Burstein-Stern
The Thief and the Prophecies by Barry Leach
Triple Agent by Steve Morris
The World by Kathleen Cromie
Wilbur Shaw by C.M. Robinson

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