Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Writers on the Storm Quarterfinalists (So Far!)

Hi folks, here is the updated list of Writers on the Storm 2012/13 Quarterfinalists to date. If you're wondering how we can already have some quarterfinalists to announce, it's because these folks entered the contest by submitting to Coverage Ink. When you do that, you receive full coverage and complimentary contest entry; if your script garners a "consider with reservations" or better for script, you're a quarterfinalist, and your script moves to the next round where it is read again.

Everyone else who enters the contest via writerstorm.com or WithoutaBox has to wait until after the contest's final deadline (2/9, on WithoutaBox only) to find out whether they're a quarterfinalist. Does this give the folks who entered via Coverage Ink an advantage? Damn right, because those folks get to see what we think of their scripts in advance, fix any problems and then resubmit a polished draft back to the contest before the final end date. if you want to take advantage of this, the deadline to submit at coverageink.com is midnight 1/9/13. 

A round of applause for our amazing 12 quarterfinalists (TV and features) so far!

Theory of Everything by Tim McSmythurs
My Asshole Neighbor by Andrew Currie + Robert Chomiak
The Galaxy's Littlest Prince by Joe Borriello
On the Edge by Patrick Hunt
Wormweed by John + Jessica Walker
Russian Roulette by Karl Schiffman
Stay by Jocelyn Osier
Messiah Project by David Baugnon
Dead Dolores by Michael Yagnow
American Supervillains by Andrew Watt
Carn Evil by Jason Siner
An Atom of Freedom by Yehuda Yaakov

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