Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Hi folks,

There is still a way to enter Writers on the Storm. Though we are no longer accepting entries on our website (writerstorm.com,) and scripts submitted to Coverage Ink are no longer elgible for contest entry (or re-entry,) you CAN still submit via Without a Box.

The WAB-exclusive extension ends 8/21/11. There will be NO MORE extensions. So 8/21 is your last chance to submit your script to Writers on the Storm -- or for Coverage Ink clients, to submit your new, polish draft for reconsideration.

It's been a pleasure bringing Writers on the Storm back to you again this year. We had a few hiccups at first, but we switched to a new submission system and it's been smooth sailing since. We'll be back to you with more info as to current quarterfinalists (those folks who submitted through CI find out their status early) and how many entrants we've received so far as soon as we can get another newsletter together (we're terribly behind... deluge! Sorry!)

Click HERE to enter Writers on the Storm at Without a Box.

Ciao for now!

Jim C.

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