Tuesday, August 09, 2011

HELP LIBERATOR! Deadline Wednesday 1PM!

For a very short time the past couple days, we here at Liberator Central were ecstatic. We were contacted by a donor who said he was going to step up with a $10,000 donation on our Kickstarter page. That person said he was stoked for the movie, excited to put us over the top and that he was going to make the pledge Friday. We were all giddy, of course, and I was all set to announce it, and then... (crickets chirp.)

Well, we haven't heard anything since then. No reply to our mails. Radio silence. Um... hello? If you're out there, oh most munificent one, well, we still love you, and we could really really use you! The clock, quite literally, is ticking. Now we know 10 grand is a lot of dough, so maybe you need time. Maybe this will still come through. But right now we kind of have a knot in our collective stomach the size of Lou Ferrigno's fist. We have to assume that this donor for whatever reason was not able to make good.

Lou Ferrigno, Tara Cardinal and Don 'The Dragon' Wilson


Two days to go, and we need over 8 grand.

Not sure what to say right now. To go from the highs of making this badass indie superhero movie with this amazing cast, to the lows of feeling like, well, the rug's been pulled out from under us... well, it's not a lot of fun.

Needless to say, if there's anything any of you can do -- retweet this message, Facebook it -- any way you can help us spread the word, heck, we might still make this goal. You can repost this awesomely cool article the kind folks at ScienceFiction.com wrote about us: http://sciencefiction.com/2011/08/06/liberator-a-dark-superhero-adventure-help-it-become-a-reality/. LIBERATOR already has thousands of fans on Twitter, Facebook and our web pages. We know there are Star Trek fans out there who would be psyched to see Mr. Worf back in action; La Femme Nikita fans excited to see the stunningly beautiful Peta Wilson return to the silver screen, and of course legions of Lou Ferrigno fans the world over. And seriously, Ed Asner as the President. Need I say more?
Jessica Jade Andres as Sonya Migliocetti
 We can still make this happen. This movie has been triumphing over the odds since we first conceived it two years ago. We were told we'd never be able to make it on our budget. We were told we'd never be able to get names. We were told we could never afford a studio. Blah, blah, blah. There are a lot of naysayers out there. Well, positivity and can-do spirit is what got this film in the can, our that same vibe is going to put us over the top for postproduction money. LIBERATOR is a film by sci-fi and comics fans for sci-fi and comics fans -- it's the movie WE wanted to make with a cast of icons that actually means something to us. We WILL make this happen.

Two days left. Doable. Please visit our Kickstarter page and contribute a buck or whatever you can: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1291858738/liberator-superhero-short-starring-lou-ferrigno

Thank you all, every one of you.

Jim Cirile
Executive Producer

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