Thursday, June 03, 2010


The Creative Screenwriting Cyberspace Open Spring 2010

Proudly Congratulates Our Top Three:

Ian Murillo 95.14
Dries Coomans 94.85
Lisa Scott 94.43 

Ian, Dries and Lisa, your scenes will be performed by actors in staged readings which we will videotape and put up on the web for everyone to vote on the winner! We will notify everyone via e-mail or newsletter when the scenes are online and ready to be voted on. 

Honorable mention goes to Diane Lisa Johnson, whose scene missed the top 3 by a hair (94.42.) 

How We Tabulated The Top Scores: 

Each scene in Round 2 was read and scored by a reader from Coverage, Ink. The top twelve scoring scenes were then circulated to the entire team. Seven readers read and gave a numerical grade to each of the top twelve scenes. The winners were determined by averaging the scores. Because of this, in some cases, some folks scored higher from the individual judge but lower in the aggregate, while for others the reverse was true. But in the end, the three scenes selected were the ones the team all agreed were the best of the best. 

Congratulations to the remainder of our top twelve for dishing out some truly killer writing:
Tim Harding 94.28
Philip Schneider 94.28
Walter Thompson 93.86
Erik Fetler 93.71
Crystal Ann Taylor 93.71
Marcus Leary 93.57
Rich Frost 93.42
Kimberly Nunley 92.85 

Thanks again, everyone! We hope you all had a blast participating!
P.S. Genre prize winners (and runners up) will be hearing from us shortly with regards to how to claim your prizes.

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