Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The deal with the deadlines

Hi folks, just to clarify:

Writers on the Storm is now closed for submissions. Except:

You may still enter through www.withoutabox.com until 8/18. They made us tack on an extra week for them. The price is jacked up an extra $10 for the final week, but Withoutabox members get that discounted.

Also, we will honor that deadline for any script submitted through Coverage Ink, even though all the signage on the web sites say 8/10. We don't want anyone to feel hosed.

If anyone has any questions, please write us at info@coverageink.com. But here's the final word from me: scripts submitted to Coverage Ink this week ARE still eligible for free contest entry at no extra cost. Sorry for the confusion, everybody.

--Jim C.

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