Friday, November 21, 2008

Writers on the Storm 2008 Winners Chosen...

To be announced MONDAY!

We know who the winners are, and we are very very happy with them this year. Our top 3 are damn, damn good scripts. The winner has an uncanny voice and lyrical writing that explodes off the page. More soon!

Also coming soon, we'll be blogging about the CS Open and the Screenwriting Expo. We've been slammed dealing with the contest and looming deadlines on several projects all at the same time, but next week we'll bring you some pix from the Expo and tell you all about the CS Open, which this year yielded the finest new crop of talent I've seen in some time. The winning scene was written by Jan Pfeiffer, and it was a gas! For the first time in seven years of doing this, it was a landslide victory for his scene. In short, Pfeiffer dominated!

Jim with CS Open Writing Tournament 2008 Finalists--13 damn good writers--Vivien Lee Moore, Elizabeth Bigelow, Bob Garland, Michael Azzopardi, CJ Conklin, David Gatlin, Eric Rodriguez, Magaly Colimon, Stephen Smith, Scott Noack and Robert Dixon (third place), Matthew Scott (second place), and Jan Pfeiffer (winner.)

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As we roll into 2009 with a crashing economy but at long last a hope for sane government, I encourage everyone to hang in there and keep honing your craft. Remember, overnight success in Hollywood takes ten years! (Seriously.) And as always, my door is always open. Hit me with any questions at


Jim Cirile
Coverage, Ink
Writers on the Storm

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