Friday, November 28, 2008 Contest Deadline Approaching 12/1

Why are we plugging someone else's contest? Because it's This is not a big money & prizes contest like Writers on the Storm. Trackin B's contest offers NO prizes--beyond access. is a real, live industry tracking board that many in the development community subscribe to. Their contest winners get serious industry exposure. Full stop. And seriously, what more does anyone really want out of a contest?

Quick anecdote to prove a point. A few weeks ago I asked a manager friend if he knew of any projects out there similar to the spec idea I was outlining. He promptly e-mailed me back with a list of projects with similar concepts. I was stunned. I told him I didn't see any of these on filmtracker. And he replied no, he pulled them off And I was like, duh! Why the hell didn't I check there? So I did, and sure enough, I found a post about a very similar project that was out as a spec that very week! Two points here: number one, a very powerful industry manager friend uses as a resource; and two, my project was effectively DOA, and without I would have wasted 6 months on it.

Check out and enter their contest right HERE. Hurry--deadline is Monday 12/1!

--Jim Cirile

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