Tuesday, April 17, 2007

That's a Wrap!

Writers on the Storm is now closed for submissions in 2007. Many thanks to everyone who participated! It's still to early to tell the total number of entrants since many will be arriving in the mail over the rest of the week, but it looks like we're right around the same as last year--about 900 or so entrants, possibly 1,000. We'll see!

Now it's time to get reading... Are there a few masterpieces in this enormous stack? Let's find out!

--Jim Cirile

PS: Had some Google/blogger difficulty last week, which explains why the comments do not appear on the posts below... and there's no way to recover them. Thanks, blogger! But it has been fixed, so comments should appear below.


Unknown said...

Hey, I see on the main page quarter finals annouced 4/25/07!So we get month ahead instead of 5/25/07?!

Anonymous said...

You shall all suffer Ignominius deaths and your scripts shall perish hoprrible! The mighty Gor shall vanquish all your puny script asses. Gor shall reign again! Cower in feer puny contestants because I am going to wipe the floor with all of ya! GOR rules! Top 50 2006!!!! #1 2007 Just remember these words: GOR! GOR!