Monday, March 19, 2007


Hey, Stormies!

We've gone and done it. The deadline for Writers on the Storm is now 4/15/07. So you all have a small reprieve! We've been getting a lot of mail from many of you guys, concerned you would not make the deadline and asking for us to extend. Since we're all writers here and we know all too well that greatness takes time, as does procrastination, hey, we're happy to oblige.

You will also notice we DID NOT RAISE THE PRICE for 'late entry', like everyone else does. It's still 35 bucks for a shot at your share of almost 15 grand in prizes!

So you guys now have a couple extra weeks to get those babies polished. 4/15/07 is the FINAL deadline, chicas. No more extensions. So writy-writy, polishy-polishy, and sendy-sendy! And I'll shut uppy!

--Portia Jefferson

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