Saturday, May 20, 2006


Hey, guys! We know you're all waiting on those contest results. We just wanted to let you know that we're almost done. We expect to post the Writers on the Storm quarterfinalists pretty soon. We received a lot of entries, more than double what most first-time contests receive, and so we've been working overtime to get those scripts read and to write mini-evaluations for every one.

Most of the Coverage, Ink submissions (for analysis) submitted before the contest deadline have already been read, and we've been able to give several folks the good news that they've made it to the quarterfinal round. And while obviously not everyone can advance, we're pleased that all of you guys have been telling us how much your writing has improved from working with our analyses and making those revisions. There's always Writers on the Storm II, folks... it's never too early to start getting ready ;) (Okay, maybe it is too early--we had one fellow ask us if we were going to start up the contest again in June '06. Er, no on that one. Check back in January '07.)

One other thing to remember: even if you do not advance to the QFs, every entrant receives a mini-analysis, PLUS $10 off any Coverage Ink script analysis for the rest of 2006--so everyone's a winner. To claim your $10 discount just mention "WOTS contestant" on your Coverage, Ink order form.

Check back here soon for more, and GOOD LUCK, everyone!

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