Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Get Repped Now Fall 2016 Considers (So Far)

We're just about done reading all the Fall 2016 Get Repped Now submissions, and we are super excited about the material. While only four scripts that made the cut so far (down from ten last go-round,) the quality of them all is through the roof.  We can't wait to drop them on our manager panel as soon as we get all the polish drafts in. 

A round of applause, please, for our Get Repped Now fall 2016 considers (so far:)
  • Mike Doyle - Heathens (feature)
  • Joseph Balczo - Bloodlands (pilot)
  • Lyn Woodward and Jonny Lieberman - Frank Bourbon, Car Guy (feature)
  • Tony Dunoyer and Alex Chevasco - The Machiavellis  (pilot + feature)
This batch of talented writers features two repeat offenders -- Balczo, as well as the team of Dunoyer + Chevasco, landed 'considers' in 2015. While acknowledging the talent on the page, the managers weren't motivated enough by the material at that time. So it's really satisfying to see them land another at-bat. 

Right now, we're letting our panel know what's coming at them and building anticipation. Hopefully we'll have exciting news on all these projects in the coming months. And if your a script didn't score a 'consider,' just remember -- it's always a 'pass' until it isn't. A 'consider' may only be a draft away. Get Repped Now returns in March, so we expect all of you to bring your "A" game. So let's root for our considers as we storm Hollywood's battlements, chew bubble gum and kick ass. 

Oh, crap -- all out of bubble gum. 

-- Jim C.


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