Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Get Repped Now! UPDATE

The fall 2016 Get Repped Now! delivered an awful lot of creamy scriptliciousness. Nine scripts made the cut -- seven features and two pilots. After giving our ‘considers’ time to make revisions based on the coverage, we pulled the trigger and sent the scripts to our manager panel :
  • Jake Wagner (Benderspink)
  • Micah Klatzker (Industry)
  • Chris Mills (Magnet Mgmt.)
  • Jeff Belkin (Zero Gravity)
And the nine considers are:
  • Tainted (pilot) by Alex Chevasco and Tony Dunoyer
  • Ironbound by Pete Cafaro
  • Flip Flop by Dave Cooper, Laurie Foxx and Shawn Nelson
  • Script by Writer X (Name withheld by writer’s request)
  • Romeo and Jenna by Joey Hargrove
  • Plainview by Michael Scott Reese and Adam Oliver Schwartz
  • Cascade by Dominic Ludeau
  • Spudsters by Sojean Peou
  • Here Goes Nothing by Adam Bertocci
For those not in the know, Coverage Ink’s Get Repped Now! is our twice-yearly promotion (every spring and fall) where for a limited time, every feature script or TV pilot that garners a ‘consider’ rating for script is forwarded to our panel of managers, who have promised to read them personally. They do this because they trust our judgment, and we pre-vet the scripts for them, so they know we’re not wasting their time. In the past, we’ve gotten folks like Brandon Barker and Joey Ernand in the door at places like Benderspink and UTA, not to mention a spec sale to Disney.

Now we have to play our cards close to the vest at this point, but here’s where we are at with the current batch of considers. Bear in mind we have not heard back from all the managers about all the scripts yet, so this information is partial.

Script A - Has made it past one manager and has been elevated to the next level. It is now being read by a teammate.

Script B - One manager loved the writing but felt it might be a tough sell. However, he is setting up a phone call with the writer (!)

 Script C - Another manager liked the writing and requested another writing sample from the writer.

As soon as we have something more tangible to announce, we will, but let’s cross fingers and pull for all our Get Repped Now! considers!

And for everyone who didn’t make the cut last time, do not take it personally -- steel yourself and come back and hit it again. Persistence, and the ability to listen and learn, are the two biggest keys to success in the biz. Get ReppedNow! begins again April 18, so start getting those scripts polished up, or blow us away with something brand-new. We’re all waiting on the awesome. Now it’s up to you. Bring it!