Thursday, October 22, 2015

First Get Repped Now! Consider Is In

Meet Adam Bertocci, our first Get Repped Now! consider for fall 2015 (so far.) Adam's script HERE GOES NOTHING, an adaptation of certain play called MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING but restaged in a high school, had all the right stuff. His script will be sent to our manager panel with our recommendations at the end of Get Repped Now!

Adam has enjoyed success as a novelist with his "comedie" TWO GENTLEMEN OF LEBOWSKI; and in case ye were wondering, yea, the dude doth abide. The novel is indeed a mash-up of The Coen Brothers and the Bard. With over 18,000 fans on Facebook, the book has very positive feedback, and one commenter noted, "(The book) incorporates lines from the movie in a thoroughly creative way while also being genuinely Shakespearean in style."

Bertocci is now looking to get traction in the screenwriting space, and we're only too happy to help.

GET REPPED NOW! runs through Nov. 15. All scripts which receive a "consider" for script will be read by our panel of top industry managers. Get your scripts in before it's too late at Go, Adam!

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