Tuesday, December 02, 2014

CI Senior Story Analyst Kevin O'Hare Sells Pilot to ABC

Coverage Ink senior story analyst Kevin O'Hare, an accomplished writer/producer with numerous TV sales under his belt, put another notch in his gunbelt with the sale of ASCENSION to ABC, The Hollywood reporter recently announced.

O'Hare, who has been a consultant to Coverage Ink since 2005, describes the pilot as an FBI procedural with a female lead. 

"I literally just found out about the sale on Thursday -- I did network pitches and left the spec pilot and series outline behind the week before. Had Brillstein attached, and they took it into ABC Studios -- then the studio focused on the network, and they bit. Additionally, I have a blind script deal with Universal I'm going to be commencing in the next few weeks as well, so things are going to be awesome but crazy (feels like it's always feast or famine, doesn't it?) I'm thrilled."

As well he should be.  Brillstein Entertainment is attached to executive produce. O'Hare is repped by Verve and Underground. KICK ASS, KEVIN!


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