Monday, June 30, 2014


Ahoy, fellow scribes! We here at Coverage Ink have something mighty cool we're whipping out on ya.


Here's how it works. For a limited time only, two incredible literary representatives -- Jake Wagner from Benderspink and agent Chris Mills from Magnet Management -- have agreed that they will personally read any scripts submitted to Coverage Ink for script coverage that garner a "Consider" for script (roughly the top 5-10% of submissions on average.) Wagner will read the feature scripts and Mills will read the TV pilots.

So here's your chance, folks.  The door is open.  If you've got the goods, you've got a real shot of getting a kick-ass manager. Bring it!


UPDATE 7/11 -- Craig Berger's TV pilot HEREDITARY scores a Strong Consider, making it the first script in this promotion which we will kick along to Chris Mills. Way to go, Craig!!!!



1) Go to or click the SUBMIT IT button:

2) Fill out the release form and the order form and then upload your screenplay or teleplay.
3) You will receive a confirmation from us and a Paypal invoice from CI for the screenplay analysis.
4) You will receive your analysis back within ten calendar days. If you wish to receive it faster, select semi-rush ($25 additional, 5-day turnaround) or RUSH ($59 additional, 48-hour turnaround.) 

Considers will be sent to Mills and Wagner with our recommendations and the coverage. Script submissions that score below consider ('Consider with Reservations' and 'Pass') will not be forwarded, but you will have a solid road map for how to make your script rock in the form of a detailed, thoughtful and empowering script coverage report. 

Please note that if you select rush or semi-rush, you may have a chance to polish and resubmit before the 7/10 deadline, giving you a second chance.

STANDARD COVERAGE COST: $129 for features, $99 for 1-hrs and $79 for 1/2 hrs. This includes a very detailed 10-14 page coverage report analyzing every aspect of the screenplay. For more info please see the FAQ page at

We're very excited to be offering this, and we hope this will be the first of many such opportunities for writers. Good luck, everyone!


  • You may submit as many screenplays as you wish before the deadline.
  • All scripts entered will receive full screenplay coverage from an experienced analyst from the Coverage Ink (CI) team.
  • Only screenplays and teleplays that receive a "consider" for script will be forwarded to Wagner for features or Mills for TV.
  • Offer ends at 12:01 AM 7/14/14.
  • Offer only valid on screenplays submitted for coverage to Coverage between 6/30/14 and 7/13/14.
  • Allow 10 days to receive your standard analysis back from CI.
  • Offer open to everyone over the age of 18 worldwide where permitted.
  • All genres are accepted. 
  • Feature scripts must be below 125 pages to qualify; TV pilots below 65 pages for a one-hour. 
  • Short film scripts, treatments and outlines, plays and manuscripts are not eligible. 
  • Screenplay and Teleplay submissions must be in industry standard format.
  • If your script receives a consider, please allow 4-6 weeks to hear back from either Wagner or Mills. If they are interested, they will contact you directly. If they are not, Coverage Ink will get back to you with the reason they passed. 
  • Coverage Ink is entitled to no compensation for any deals that may occur with your material. We are merely providing an introduction and validation. We are not attaching ourselves in any way.
  • By participating in this offer, you agree to have your screenplay sent to Mills or Wagner for consideration for possible representation. If you do not wish to have your material sent out, just let us know.
  • The decision of the Coverage Ink reader is final.  
  • The decision of whether or not to offer representation is up to Mills and Wagner.
  • If you receive a Consider, you may elect to do a polish draft based on the coverage before submitting to Mills or Wagner (recommended.)
  • Coverage Ink is not affiliated in any way with Benderspink or Magnet Management.
  • Coverage Ink team members, partners and associates are not eligible.

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