Wednesday, May 07, 2014

CS Open Veterans Rip Up Universal Pix Fellowship

Universal Pictures 2014 Fellow Chandus Jackson
Not long ago we used to host an annual shindig called the CS Open at the Creative Screenwriting Expo. This was to my knowledge the only live writing tournament ever. We gave out tens of thousands in prize money over 7 years and had a TON of fun. And two intrepid, never-say-die writers who kept coming back again and again for more punishment were finalists Chandus Jackson and Julie Anne Wight.

So we're pleased as freakin' punch to note that Chandus has been selected as one of five Fellows by the Universal Pictures Fellowship for 2014. Chandus has been laboring in the trenches and working his butt off for years, so this victory is a sweet one indeed. Equally gratifying: Julie Anne Wight was named as a finalist. We were able to clearly see the dedication they both have to their craft in round after round of the CS Open, where they generated new scenes on the fly based on our outlandishly twisted prompts. Both rose to the occasion and shone. 

More and more this year, we are seeing examples that disprove it's all about "Who Ya Know." Sometimes, it really is about hard work. The cream, as they say, rises.

Congrats to them both. We're expecting great things! (Hey, no pressure.)

--Jim C.

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