Thursday, May 02, 2013

Writers on the Storm TOP TEN

We proudly present our Coverage Ink/Writers on the Storm TOP TEN screenplays and teleplays for 2013.

It will come as little consolation to the 80 of you who just got eliminated that it was an insanely tough series of decisions, right down to the wire (in fact, past it -- it's now 1 AM May 2nd, and we were supposed to post May 1.) There were at least 4 feature scripts that were nipping at the heels of ones we ultimately chose, as well as several TV scripts that had people from our team passionate about them, only to ultimately be outvoted. We know it's an imperfect process by nature, but it's all we got.

Suffice it to say, if you made it to the top 50, you're a pretty damn good writer. You may well be "there" or close to it. To quote "Galaxy Quest" -- "Never give up; never surrender." There's nothing we like better than those e-mails we get a month or five after the contest telling us a script that was eliminated went on to win another contest or get optioned. That's awesome and we are ecstatic every time that happens. Regardless of whether you advanced in our little contest or not, don't let it get you down for even a second. Power forward and go kick freakin' ass.

As for the folks below, well, you lucky 20, you. Nice going, guys. But to quote another movie, "There can be only one." ;)  We'll know who that one is on JUNE 3rd. (Yes, we're pushing back announcing the winners from May 15th to give us more time to thoroughly scrutinize the 20 scripts.)

I'm proud of every single one of you for having the stones to put yourself out there and face rejection every single day in pursuit of your craft. Hell of a crazy path we've chosen. Could you imagine a dentist or attorney or a pilot facing as much rejection in their careers as we do? They'd be quivering, useless wrecks. Be proud.

We're freaking WRITERS.

Writers on the Storm Top Ten (FINALISTS) for 2013:


Ditch Plains by Bernard Urban
Freebird by Simon Kay
Freetown by Jeremy Dickens
Path by Michael Wright
The RetroCog by Steve Morris
Shaman by Eric Ian Steele
Stealing Home by Sebastian Arboleda
Strategic Services by Jonathan Jones + Francisco Magdaraog
Triple Agent by Steve Morris
The World by Kathleen Cromie


The Basement by Dawn Marie Guernsey
Cake by Patrick Tobin
Carn Evil by Jason Siner
Clouds of Sorrow by Jack Davidson
Damascus Cover by Daniel Berk + Samantha Newton
The Heckler by Mike Hanson
The Idea of Fireflies by Don Balch + Zack Smith
Lulu by Samuel Bernstein
On the Edge (aka Speedville) by Patrick Hunt
Resilience by Lena Slachmuijilder


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