Friday, March 01, 2013

Writers on the Storm Quarterfinalists This Monday!

It may be down to the wire, but we hope to post the full list of WOTS VI quarterfinalists this Monday, March 4th. This includes the previously posted QFs from the Coverage Ink side (minus two fellows we sadly had to disqualify, Karl Schiffman and Robert Chomiak, for both having career screenwriting earnings in excess of $10,000 - great writers both, but rules is rools) and everyone else who entered on or WithoutaBox. The quarterfinalists will represent roughly the top 10% of our submissions.

There's going to be shouts of joy, tears, cursing, frustration -- the works. We know. We've all been there. Rejection is one of the most "fun" things about screenwriting, and even after two decades in Hollywood, every "pass" still pains me a bit. For for the vast majority of you who will not make the cut, I hope the feedback forms will give you an idea how close to the mark the reader felt you were and what areas in particular need the most TLC. Sometimes the difference between a pass and a consider are a few tweaks you can make in an afternoon.

Hang tight. More to come, folks!

Jim C.

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