Friday, December 28, 2012

"Delhi In A Day" Rated 10-Best Indie Movie of 2012

Anjali Patil in "Delhi in a Day"
Filmmaker Prashant Nair has been on a roll. His movie Delhi In A Day has been burning up the international festival circuit and winning awards -- not the least of which is scoring Nair a slot in the prestigious Sundance Lab. Today, Times of India (India's largest newspaper) released their 10 Best Indie Films of 2012 list. We're delighted to note that Delhi in a Day has been included.

Delhi in a Day was developed with Coverage Ink. Nair and CI senior story analyst Billy Fox (who received story credit) worked on the story of a idealistic, well-to-do British traveler (Lee Williams, The Tudors) whose visit throws a monkey wrench into in a nouveau-riche South Delhi home. The film is a breezy, dark comedy of manners set against the background of class struggle in contemporary India. "I'm thrilled that DELHI IN A DAY was recognized by the Times of India as a top-10 independent film," says Fox. "I'm proud to have contributed to the development of the story. But I must add it was great to begin with. But I am psyched we helped Prashant helped knock it out of the park!"

We're very excited to have had a small part in the development of the screenplay and the launching of a major filmmaking talent. Bravo, Prashant! -- Jim C.

Interesting sidebar: Delhi in a Day won the Award of Excellence from IndieFest in 2011. Guess what won it in 2012? Liberator.

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