Sunday, September 23, 2012

Writers on the Storm begins NOW!

It's finally here! Writers on the Storm VI, Coverage Ink's very own big money/big opportunity contest, is back and it's on right now. And this year we are accepting not only feature screenplays but also pilots -- 1/2 hours as well as 1 hours. The early entry period has begun, so if you enter early you could save some money, and if you're like me saving every dime is pretty important. So what are you waiting for?

And remember, as always, there are two ways you can enter WOTS. You can either submit directly to the contest at, or if you send your script to for coverage, then contest entry is included at no extra charge! This is a great way to make sure your script is ship-shape before locking it down, since we contest judges will actually be telling you what we think of your script (and giving you detailed notes on how to fix it) in advance.

This is my first year coordinating this contest (Portia J. has moved back to Texas) so wish me luck, LOL! But with Jim and the great team behind me I am confident everything is going to go smooth as silk. We've got a really amazing crew of readers who really know their stuff -- no 22-year-old interns here, and in fact I trust them to help me develop my material too.  If you have any q's please feel free to e-mail me at writerstorm [@] Thanks everybody, and now let's get this party started!


Julie Connor
WOTS Contest Coordinator

PS We still have a few more companies and more prizes to add so please bear with us!

PPS Oh yes, we are working with Without a Box and will be adding them as another way to enter soon. We know it's nice to not have to fill out those forms over and over! That said, our entry forms on our site are pretty simple as well :)

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