Saturday, March 03, 2012

"Maggie" Bravely Scores an Option

Suzanne Kelman
We always love it when clients tell us their success stories, especially when it's with material that's a little outside the box. Writer Suzanne Kelman tells us that her spec script MAGGIE THE BRAVE was optioned by MovieHatch. "They partner with Broken Road, Red Wagon and Tribeca," says Kelman. "The movie is in development right now." The script also won Best Feature Comedy Screenplay at the 2011 Los Angeles United Film Festival.

Set in 1978, MAGGIE is a quirky British comedy about an aging, single, self-absorbed hypochondriac who is about to be thrown out of her government housing and relocated to an awful retirement community--unless she can find a husband within three weeks.

"(They are) in the process of attaching the talent and the director," says Kelman. "One thing I am realizing about screenwriting is it take a looooog time from script to screen. I should have started writing when I was twelve just to get something made in my lifetime."

Kelman, whose book Big, Purple Undies (cowritten with her sister Louise) sold over 50,000 copies, is currently working on a new script called VIOLET SKYE with her writing partner Rose Woods. Well done, Suzanne! We'll be keeping an eye out for the likes of MAGGIE.

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