Sunday, November 20, 2011

Writers on the Storm winners TBA: DEC 1, 2011

Just a quick update here. I have to push the announcement of the WOTS winners back a week, to Dec 1. The reason is because of a family health crisis that has affected me personally. So the amount of time that I have been able to devote to reading the top ten has been limited. I already have the recommendations from our team, but ultimately it's me who makes the call. So I apologize for the delay and hope everyone understands. However, that big $10K check will still arrive to the winner by year's end, meaning someone's definitely gonna get their merry on.

After that, the development phase begins--several months of rewrites and coaching as we try to bulletproof these scripts before sending them out. 

Regards to all,

Jim C.


Anonymous said...

We hope all's well, Jim. It's not even a week's wait; it's like four days. No worries...

Anonymous said...

For christsake, another maketing ploy.What would we all do without script contests. Contests, forums, blogs, twitters, youtube, porn, mastrubation, vibrators, drugs, junk food, ALL WASTE OF TIME!!!!
I bet most screenwriters have vices, they drink too much. and post on forums and blogs and, film sites, they, eat too much and vomit it (applies to females), they mastrubate once a month (male and female, but more female)Is, winning a, screenwriting contest same as mastrubation (even if you are married, married male and female mastrubates all he time),, YES, because it is never the real thing.

I give up. I will apply to your contest Jim. I am going over to Just Effing and How To Sell A Screenplay.


Anonymous said...

I'm on your side. You are helping us out. That is all that counts. FUCK THE REST. This business is nutty, thanks Jim for getting use closer to Agents and Managers.

Joseph C

Anonymous said...

I hope I win and it will be hell of a Christmas. The recession, little spec sales and lack of money to hire Readers and enter script contests. We are all desperate. It's good to be desperate. Lots of losers in LA soon, admit it. The New Year looks bad. Huge recession coming and still lots are not making it. Some will never make it. No one knows shit in filmmaking. We are talking our our butts.

But I hope I win. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr./Ms. CRANKYPANTS (or Anonymous #4 if you'd prefer, because you won't give your name):
You and your trusted consultants behind the Starbucks counter have forgotten the primary purpose for these contests. A chance for new writers to gauge their material against other new writers and improve.

Contest money is just icing. Anyone focused on that little bit of sugar isn't playing the Long Game.

Anonymous said...

Jim, you got a good contest and you blog is one my favorite. I hate other blogs where the Reader talks about all shit and Star Trek shit and geeky shit and Friday special horse shit. I hate blogs out there where the Reader has to f****** ****** write about about every shit every day. What a *** * **** loser.

Jim, you got a cool blog and contest. Lots of writers down here respect your contest and blog and advise you dish out to us. Keep it simple and without attitude, which are the coolest. This why you are da best.

And didd I say I hate blogs created by damn Readers who every day talk shit and dish shit and swim in shit like a script whore.

Thanks Jim,

Songwriter and Screenwriter extraordinare!!!!

You rule da man,In dad club, look out for my hip Script out there Represent the world,
BET rules\
shaba shaba, in da club

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #
Who? Never heard of him. What's his name again. Oh I see. I googled his name... a nobody. But did see George Lopez Lady Gaga Justin's name in Google, ha ha!


When they have to say "who", you are not Elvis Presley or the Beatles or Brad Pitt.


Anonymous said...

We all should get lost if we are a nobody and sold zero scripts. Anonymous1, are you a somebody or a nobody? How many script have you written? Thanks the twitter link by the way.DR

Anonymous said...

You are giving me lots of ideas for my writing here. These anonymous are fun and crazy. Love it. Writing, so fucked like life. Thanks Anonymouses, you damn crazies.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the results.
A humble script contest addict.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Got some wild comments here. I hope your family is well, and I appreciate you giving our scripts adequate reading time instead of rushing into a decision. It's no big deal. Although I'm definitely excited to find out who takes home the ten grand!

Anonymous said...

Wondering how does the winning script stand compared to killer scripts on Producers' desks. I read some winning scripts, mostly trash.

Debbie and you know who I am J.

Anonymous said...

So much bitterness there. How's that working out for you...?

Anonymous said...

So we occupy One William Morris Place? Who's game?

Anonymous said...

There some blogs out there written by Readers and Producers which I a*hore and detest.

But Jim's blog is cool.

I hate other blogs by Readers who get paid $5.00 to cover a script and they think they are good. And every day they talk shit.

A good should get 1500.00 per script to cover! If you are not, you need to work for *************************************************************************************************

Anonymous said...

Down to the wire! This is too exciting!!

Admin said...

Hilarious! I love these comments. Debbie, your question is SO good I think I'm goign to address it in the next newsletter, which streets in about 12 hrs... along with the winners...