Monday, July 11, 2011

Shorties 7-11

DEADLINE! Now is the time for all great writers to step on up. Writers on the Storm Screenplay Contest deadline is midnight, Monday 7/11/11. With over $25,000 cash and prizes, a heavy development prize package, and 150 companies, WOTS could be the defibrillator your career needs. Now featuring brand-new prizes from Virtual Pitch Fest and Million Dollar Screenwriting's Chris Soth. Did we mention we got two of our winners signed last year? Hurry, enter now!

WRITERS ON THE STORM QUARTERFINALISTS (SO FAR.) Wait. the contest hasn't even ended -- so how can we have quarterfinalists already? 'Cause anyone who submits their script to Coverage Ink for analysis before the final contest end date is automatically entered in Writers on the Storm for free. Score a 'consider with reservations' or better for script (roughly top 10%,) and you are an automatic quarterfinalist. Those folks then get the option of polishing and resubmitting before the end date, if they so desire. (And no, we show no favoritism to Coverage Ink submissions versus regular contest entries.)

So, a shout out to our current Writers on the Storm 2011 quarterfinalists to date:
  • Getaway, Inc by Andy Maycock
  • Sliding Into Home by Rich Sheehy
  • Khamseen by AJ Ashby
  • Flipping the Bird by Robert Hestand
  • Just Being Jack by Judith Dunn
  • O Golden Boy by John Bain
  • Requited by Bill Johnston
Kick ass, guys!

AGENT'S HOT SHEET - LIVE! COMING TO SCREENWRITING EXPO. If you read Jim's column in Creative Screenwriting, you know that every issue he interviews some of the top agents and managers around and delivers the skinny on what's going on in the biz as it pertains to writers. Join us as we assemble an all-star panel of motion picture lit representatives and grills them on how the hell any of can ever get their attention. register online at

RAFFLE WINNERS + NEW RAFFLE - LAST CHANCE. We've been giving away two free contest entries into Writers on the Storm every month since launch. So congrats to our two winners for June: Benjamin Peary and Rachel Lavin. We've already contacted them both with instructions on how to submit their scripts. Now it's your turn. Our last two giveaways are upon us. Send an email before July 31 to and put "STORM RAFFLE" in the subject line and your contact info in the mail. We'll randomly select the last two winners at the end of the month. Feel free to resubmit if you entered last month and didn't win!

THE LIBERATION HAS BEGUN. Coverage Ink proudly announces the completion of principal photography of its new short film LIBERATOR. "Liberator" stars Lou Ferrigno as a disgraced, washed-up ex-superhero whose secret black ops past comes back to haunt him as he tries to put his crumbling life back together.

"Liberator" also features a killer genre cast: 

PETA WILSON (“La Femme Nikita”) as Marla Criswell
MICHAEL DORN (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) as General Pollard
and EDWARD ASNER as President Whitlock

“Every one of our lead cast have starred in a hit TV show or movies,” says Executive Producer/Co-writer Jim Cirile. “Launching a brand-new superhero property without source material is death. That’s why it was crucial that we cast an actual superhero – Lou Ferrigno – in the title role, and also why we surrounded him with the best actors we could find. We want to see the continuing adventures of this character.”
You won't like him when he's angry.

Further grounding “Liberator” in comics mythology, former Marvel Comics bullpen artist Darren Auck is creating the film’s comic art prologue, and SyFy Channel’s “Hollywood Treasure” co-host Jesse D’Angelo designed the Liberator suit and poster art.

The film also features an original orchestral score by Tim Wynn, perhaps best known for scoring “Red Faction: Guerrilla.”

Become a part of Team Liberator! Visit our Kickstarter page to watch clips from the movie and find out how you can help us finish the film and blow everyone away.

FREE TELECONFERENCE WITH CHRIS SOTH and JIM CIRILE. Million Dollar Screenwriting's Chris Soth and Coverage Ink's Jim Cirile are teaming up to bring you a free teleseminar called FIVE MYTHS ABOUT SCREENWRITING CONTESTS. The seminar will run about 60 minutes and there will be a Q&A afterwards. And did we mention it's free? Mark your calendars: this is going down Thursday, 7/28.  And if you've never seen Chris' "SOLD--How I Set Up Three Pitches in Hollywood" DVD, you need to check it out. This guy is a pitch master, and watching him confidently deliver his pitches and explain his prep and story breakdown is a marvel to behold. Register now at

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