Friday, March 25, 2011

Cyberspace Open genre prize winners!

Wow, some terrific scene work this year, guys! The full tournament results should be posted any moment on the official contest web site:

Here are the four killer scenes that won our genre prizes this year. Every one of them nailed the scene prompt, which means they used subtext in a substantial way, as well as had the conflict be about two people in a failing relationship of sorts. Each of these terrific writers found a way to use these elements in very different scenes, from the uproarious "This Won't Hurt a Bit" to the chilling "Square One." Great job, guys!

Producers: these four writers showed they could follow directions (we gave them very specific instructions on what elements they had to incorporate), nail a scene with great dialogue rich with subtext, and do so in a timely fashion, under the gun. Every one of these had excellent voice and superior writing craft. If you're interested in more info about any of them or want to check out these scenes, please email info (at symbol)

Stephen Koenig
"This Won't Hurt a Bit."

Phillip Morales
"The Equation"

Elisa Graybill
Untitled scene

Ted Leib
"Square One"

Excellent work, folks!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the genre winners. I'm proud to have make the top 100 (actually 124) my first time out. Looking forward to round two!

Admin said...

Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

How many folks actually entered this contest? Can't seem to find any info.. Thanks! :-)

Admin said...

The exact # of contestants is something Creative Screenwriting does not disclose. I can tell you it's a significant number.