Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boyer's "Mad" Skillz

Isn't this something? For the second time this week, we've reviewed a knock-it-out-of-the-park home run script. In this case, Susan J. Boyer's "Mad Men" spec "Good Mourning" elicited a very, very rare "high consider/high consider" (excellent) score from Coverage Ink analyst KO (himself a working TV writer.)
‘Mad Men: Good Mourning’ is a nearly flawless spec that stays true to the hit AMC television show. The writer is clearly passionate about the program and nails every nuance and character... It captures these characters, layers in subtext (on countless fronts) and provides effective comic relief to help with the pacing (see Roger once again). The tone matches up with the show (dark and dramatic) and stays even and consistent throughout.
We contacted Boyer with the news. Boyer, who says she's been using Coverage Ink "for, like, ten years" was floored. While she's gotten considers before, this is the first time she's gotten a rave like this. "'Wow' is right!! What amazing coverage, of course, not only for the praise but also for the constructive feedback. Absolutely the reason why Coverage Ink is the only coverage service I have used for the past decade! Getting started on my revision NOW with this road map. I am embarking on AgentQuest '10 and this coverage boosts my confidence enormously! I certainly will use some of the pull quotes. And I will keep you apprised of my progress."

Anyone interested in checking out this script please contact CI at and we'll put you in touch with Susan. Way to go!

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