Friday, May 14, 2010

CSCS Open Top 100 & Genre Awards to be Announced Soon (UPDATE)

Hi guys!

We've finished all the reading (and there was quite a bit of it.) Creative Screenwriting won't allow us to release the total number of entrants in the CSCS Open writing tournament, but I can tell you it was a lot! If all goes well, we should be announcing the 100 Finalists as well as the Genre Prize award winners sometime between Monday 5/17 and Wednesday 5/19. Info will be sent via e-mail as well as posted on the CSCS Open web page.

This year CS has added four $200 genre prizes for the best Comedy, Historical or Sci/Fi, Drama and Horror/Thriller scenes. These scenes may or may not also be top 100, depending on what our cutoff is (still to be determined.) In addition, we'll be naming two runner-ups in each genre category, and those folks will be receiving subscriptions to Creative Screenwriting. But I know all of you guys are ALREADY subscribers, right? Ahem. ;)

I can tell you this -- I was blown away this year. Of course there were plenty of so-so scenes, but there were also more than a few jaw-droppingly great pieces, especially in the Drama category. This is great to see because in past years the CS Open tended to lean heavily towards comedy. So here's hoping that the introduction of genre prizes allowed people to write in their milieu and feel confident there could be acknowledgment for it.

I've just been informed that the feedback has NOT been sent yet -- to avoid the delivery problems from last year's tournament, we switched to a new delivery system that will blast all the feedback mails at once. This will happen between Monday and Wednesday 5/17-19. So if you haven't received anything from us yet, not to worry -- no one else has either.

Lastly, the bogies. As always, we had more than a few folks submit who didn't read the rules or watch the introductory video, and submitted to us scenes that were missing contact info, order numbers, corrupted, missing pages, over the 5-page limit or were in unopenable formats. We've been scrambling to find ways to process these, and a few we have managed to handle, but there are still a handful of scenes that defy our best efforts. We'll be contacting all the "bogeys" individually.

Good luck, everyone!

Jim Cirile
founder, Coverage Ink
CSCS Open Coordinator


A.J. Cattapan said...

O.K. I'm freaking out a little bit now because I haven't received any feedback yet. I know I sent my file as a pdf, and I'm able to open the file. Also, I've checked my spam/junk folder. I've had my spam filter turned completely off for months. What happened to my scene and my feedback?

I've sent an email to Hopefully, it will be found soon.

Yikes! A weekend's worth of work and a month's worth of patience--all for naught?!?

Jim C. said...

No problem. Found it and resending the feedback. --JC