Friday, March 05, 2010


We must be nuts! The CS Open--now relocated to the icy cold vastness of cyberspace--back again? Wasn't the last time punishment enough? Why, yes it was! But that's not stopping us. Yea, though verily we battled most mightily through thousands of scenes not even a year ago, we are gearing up to do the very same thing again. When? Oh, how about... NOW?

You got it -- the CS Open writing tournament is back for year 9, once again judged by yours truly and our team of expert industry readers. Big prizes are once again on tap, as well as much excitement and challenge for participants as you guys attempt to impress the hell out of us with your best interpretation of our diabolically convoluted scene prompts! The premise goes live April 16th, and you will have an entire WEEKEND this time to write something truly splendiferous. no excuses this time, folks!

And yes, we've learned our lessons from last time, and hopefully (!) have solved some of the technical issues and foul-ups from the first online go-round last year (recall, previously the CS Open had been a live in-person, not online, event at the Screenwriting Expo.) But the best part is, this time out, we are VIDEOTAPING the 3 top scenes and will be posting them online for EVERYONE to judge! Forget tallying up a couple hundred votes on paper ballots from our audience members--this time out, everyone gets to vote (note: Diebold/Premier Election Systems will have no part of the vote counting, thereby assuring you that who you vote for will actually be who you vote for.)

Register online now RIGHT HERE and may the best scenes win!

--Jim C.
Coverage Ink

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Barbara said...

Yay!! :-D Got the e-mail yesterday, looking forward to doing it (even if I'll have even less time than the others because I'll be in London that weekend!)!
Great job, Jim, as usual!
the Italian Barbara