Monday, September 07, 2009

Quarterfinalists 9/21

Hiya Stormies,

Just a quick update. Our team is still digging in to the submissions and entering the feedback into our database. We hope to announce the quarterfinalists en toto (no, Jim, that doesn't mean 'with Toto' from 'The Wizard of Oz') on September 21st. We've already seen quite a few very good scripts, so as usual, you guys don't make the selection easy on us.

But for right now I can tell you about the Coverage Ink quarterfinalists. these are the folks who sent their script in to CI for Coverage, so they find out if they're quarterfinalists before the regular contest entrants do. Of the 371 scripts submitted to Coverage Ink for analysis during the contest period, which are thus also entered in the contest, we have 36 that scored a 'consider with reservations' or better for script. That's just shy of 10%, which is right on -- the top 10% of the regular submissions advance also. And let me just remind you that CI entries get NO favoritism. In fact we may even be a little harder on them!

So here is the final list of Coverage Ink/WOTS quarterfinalists, in the order in which we reviewed them. The rest of the QFs will drop 9/21!

--Portia Jefferson
Writers on the Storm coordinator

The Enginist by Tim McGrath
Macau Twilight by Tony Shyu
Nightmare in the Ardennes by Walt Malinowski
Shades of Grey by Abhi Kulkarni
Svengali Effect by Jeremy Shipp
Operation Chronos by Jon Sklaroff
Riveter by Kevin Madden
Sense of Self by Craig Cambria
Rainwashed by Paul Sargia
Future Visions by Stephen Moretti
Sure Would Be Nice by Thomas Serio
Scout's Honor by Jocelyn Osier
Three Cousins & the Cannolis by Lisa Cordova
Angel Trap by Holli Herrie-Castillo
Murderous Me (Reflections of Vengeance) by Vicky Sutton
Tortoise and the Heir by Russ Meyer
Laramie by William Johnston
Sorority Kings by Scott Fickas and Brian Jones
War Without End by AF Grant
Peanut Butter by Yvonne Miranda
The Last Secret by Ron Basso
The Minstrel by Todd Sorrell
Peshtigo by John Carter
Kamali'i Nia The Dolphin Princess by Rockwood
Jenna's Gone by Russ Meyer
White Buffalo by John Collins
Idiots at Heart by Michelle Kelly
The Writ Writer by Michael Murphy
Erin & Owen in Mythatania by Nicholas Julius
Sacrifice by Diego Guzman
Atlanta from Olympus by Lee Tidball
South Philly Storefront by Marcia Schissler
Coldblooded by Susan Russell
Fat Man by Peter Robinson
Destinations by Jocelyn Osier
Gatekeeper of the Worlds by Kari Ciardi


Admin said...

I thought "en Toto" meant that you were in the band Toto. My bad.


Anonymous said...

How many entries are there all together?

Admin said...

Just shy of 1,000. Awaiting final numbers.