Sunday, April 26, 2009

Writers on the Storm 4 Ready for Launch!

Hey, kiddles! It's me, Portia, and I am back for another year here running this crazy party we call Writers on the Storm. WOTS is sponsored by Coverage Ink and Writers Boot Camp, along with 20 other companies!

This year we have out best-ever prize package. We worked hard to bring in a lot of great companies into the mix. As of now we've got over $27,500 cash and prizes, including our 10 grand cash prize to the winner. Plus this year everyone in the top 10 finish in the money, and our top 50 (that would be the semifinalists) all get subscriptions to Moviemaker magazine. And of course, our entry fee is still $40 ($75 for two submissions of the same script) or free if you enter the contest through Coverage Ink.

We launch sometime on 4/27. Not sure exactly when -- basically when our web guy finishes testing all the submission forms and all that techie stuff. Don't worry, we run for three months so y'all have plenty of time to get in!

One more thing. We're ecstatic to bring you this bit of news: Writers on the Storm honorable mention Dale Shuen, writer of the hot comedy spec THE BRYCE LEE STORY, has been generating all sorts of interest with this script. He's been hip-pocketed by a well-known manager, and his script has generated meetings and a bunch of companies interested in him as a writer as a result of his placement in WOTS and our marketing efforts. Kick butt, Dale! For more on our contest winners please visit the WINNERS page at

Let's see what you all got for me!

Lova ya!

Portia Jefferson
Writers on the Storm 4 Coordinator

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