Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hi folks, here are the writers who have made the Writers on the Storm 2008 quarterfinals so far. These are folks who sent their script to Coverage Ink for analysis and received a free contest entry. Their scripts scored a 'consider with reservations' for script or better--which is right around top 10% of submissions (same as if you submit it directly to the contest at

Congrats, folks!

Heather Upton, Belfast Boys
CA Bennett, Death Valley Dig
Kelly Murry, La Matadora
AC Yacobian, Rasta Pasta
Aaron Marshall, The Last Adventure of Martin Finch
Alan Sproles & Lizanne Southgate, Eden Lost
Rich Sheehy, Sliding Into Home
Paul Sargia, The Man Who Could Stop Time
Steven Zawacki, Orcadia
Suzanne Darling, Brush With Fame
Dennis Bailey, Pound For Pound
Chris Jopling, Blacklights
Andrew Zeoli & Christian Wagner, Blue Ballers
Attila Nagy, Garen Inboden & Gilbert Inboden, Enlighten Up
Russ Meyer, Organic Svengali
Vito LaBruno, Last American Guido
Adam Nur, Jetpack

Contest regular deadline is 7/11. Final deadline is 7/27. Check out the website for more info. So let's all root these guys on! And still time for you to get yours in, too. We look forward to you blowing us away!

Jim C.

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