Friday, June 23, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen, Writers on the Storm and Coverage, Ink proudly announces our semifinalists.

There are some AMAZING scripts in this group. Every single person on this list should be congratulated for really bringing the goods.

As for the 160 folks we eliminated--we feel your pain. We're all writers, too. We know what it's like.

I can tell you that the scripts below all had good writing AND a great concept. Many of our contest entries had one or the other but often not both. Of course, writing is a skill which can be learned just like any other craft. Some may be more adept at it than others, but at the end of the day, if you keep at it long enough and study with the right people, you will get better.

But concept is, er, another story. There were some great writers we had to eliminate in this round because while they could turn a phrase, the story just wasn't as unique or fascinating or cool as it could have been. Others had a really neat idea, but the script execution just was not quite there--yet. (Of course, if anyone wants serious feedback on their script, contact us at, and don't forget to request $10 off as a WOTS entrant.)

Our TOP TEN will be announced at 12 noon on July 9th.

And so without further ado...


Ariadne's Thread by Stephen Callen
Bloody Mary by Erica Land
Booker T. by J. Hol
Boys In Red by Jeffrey Davis
Danny Longlegs by Keli Rowley
Dimmesdale by Doug Molitor
Divorce In The White House by Dane Edward McCauley
Empire of the Wolf by Michael Kogge
Felix The Flyer by Christopher Canole
Fire and Rain by Phil Smy
Fishtown by Aaron Schnore
From the Old World by Adam Mosher
Fury by Dane Edward McCauley
Good Ole Boy Band by Jason Ancona
Good Television by Matt Dallman
Healing Marie by James Ossi
Heavens to Betsy by Brad Hennig
Ink by Eric Anderson & Scott Smith
Iron Men by John Metzner
Jerusalem Idol by Lewis Papier
Jonathan's Missing by Leslie & Michael Green
Kakakarma by Carlota Bennett
Lost Souls by Bryan Carrigan
Magick by Jeff Spry
Masque by Kellen Hertz
Mister Perfect by Carri Karuhn
Rational Panic by Robert Rhyne
Red & Dead by Patrick Udomsak
Richard by Kathryne Sheard
Rochester by Terry Frazier
Scent by Ronald DiPrimio
Sherlock & Jack by Jeff Wolverton
Shroud of Darkness by Max Adams
Sole Pursuit by Jason Siner
Stars and Bars by Troy DeRego
The Art of the Dodge by Donna Miller
The Big Four Oh by Bernie Felix, Jr.
The Brick Layer by Laqueta Lewis
The Contest by Melanie Winstead
The Curse of Nostradamus by Robert Williams
The Dollmaker by Ned James Beedie
The Fraternity by Jeff Wiegand
The Joshua Device by John Connell
The Magick of Time by Patricia Joyce
The Man Behind The Man by Michael Brand
The Newly Dead Game by David Warfield
The Rut by Kevin Caruso
Time Surfer by Sandi Steinberg
Tray People by Fred Pakiewicz
Trio by John Unger Zussman & Patricia Zussman
Tyler Hudson's Christmas Eve Adventure by Carol Hoffman
Vincent's Shadow by Don Perez
Viral by Mark Kratter


Anonymous said...

Do you know when the feedback for this round will be sent out?

Anonymous said...

We have decided not to release any round 2 feedback, because it's just a numerical score that won't do anybody any good. So we're going to keep it internal.

--Jim Cirile

Anonymous said...

As I understood it, the judges scored the second round scripts in four categories...I think it would be helpful to know whether the second reader agreed with the first reader on strengths and weaknesses. For example, I would assume the lowest numerical score would indicate the script's greatest problem area in the eyes of the second reader. How could a second opinion not be helpful? If it's a matter of time constraints that's one thing, but I would appreciate being given the opportunity to decide for myself whether my second round score would do me any good.

Signman said...

I'm sure you've all been extremely swamped by all the reading and are definitely due for a relaxing 4th. Once you're back though, is there anyway the semi-finalists announcement/list could be posted on the main page? I know it's only a click away, but it'd be much more official looking when I refer someone to the site.


Anonymous said...

Likewise, I've taken part in the Open Writing Contest at the Expo and I find the marks useful. Granted, getting 15% in all categories wouldn't help anything but I'd like to know I got 25% for originality and 3% for structure.

Well, if those were the marks, maybe I wouldn't... ; )

Whatever, great job guys! I'll be entering again next year and I might even invest in some of your services in the interim.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

When will feedback be sent to the entrants?

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, again, no feedback on round two and that's final.

However the Semifinalists will be posted on the main site by end of day 7/6.

Anonymous said...

I thought feedback was given to ALL entrants.

Anonymous said...

Yes, feedback is given to all entrants. If anyone did not receive a mini-analysis please contact us. Patrick, since you left your name, I will contact you directly.

--Jim C.