Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Save the Cat! Literally :)

Hi folks, here's an appeal from our pal, screenwriter teacher/coach Barri Evins. She's looking for someone to care for her little cutie kitty until December. In exchange she's willing to offer a $350 screenplay consultation. Not a bad deal, plus you get to save the cat! Blake Snyder would approve :) Here's Barri:

Help! My cat is desperately in need of foster care from now until December. Kiki is a very quiet, (doesn't meow unless to convey urgent info like "hey, there's no water in my bowl.") doesn't go where she doesn't belong (never on the bed) and loves having people around as she was abandoned. She's a people-a-holic. In fact, she adopted me!

She cannot be with other cats as they intimidate her, but is fine with a mellow dog. I'm willing to sweeten the deal for a screenwriter willing to help out. Thanks!

If you're interested please email us at info [@] coverageink.com. Good luck, Barri!


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